All Stars Media College LTD is a Ghana based institution which is highly affiliated to reputable institutions world over. The college was established on the 30th of June, 2011. All Stars Media College LTD. is a unique institution established under the Registrar Generals Department with registration number CA93481 and was also duly registered under Ghana Education Service with registration number GES/GAR/PT/BC.01/2012.
GES serves as a regulatory body of all our activities and also the affiliation with National Board for Professional and Technician Examination (NABTEX) is in a course of action.
The core objective of ASMC is to provide effective and skillful training for those who want to work with the Media or choose the Media as their profession.
The College is basically aimed at addressing problems relating to Journalism and Media field not only in the Country but the world over.


  • To train students in media related courses to cater for manpower needs of the media field.
  • To conduct research and recommendation on Media and the way forward, the success of reportage and professionalism in Journalism.
  • To provide a Centre, teaching …………. To enhance studies.
  • To provide proper audiovisual aids, as well as seasoned professionals in the various course area to ensure excellence
  • To establish a community Radio station in five years’ time.